FemmeForward learners at the Gent campus FemmeForward learners at the Gent campus  



Femme Forward Tech Careers Path @ Codingschule


Data about the course:

  • Delivery mode: online, 5 days a week over 12 weeks
  • Number of Students:
  • Our cohort initially consisted of 32 students, but we are currently working with a

    dedicated group of 28. Two individuals were unable to commence the course due

    to personal reasons. One student is currently facing the challenge of juggling the

    course while working full-time, and another has been mandated to attend a

    compulsory integration German language course by the German Job Center.


  • Their origin (country):
  • Turkish, India, Ukraine,Germany, Russia, Malaysia, Croatia, Ireland,

    Republic of Moldova


  • Their average age:
  • From 27 to 39 years of age. In one case the Lady is 52 years of age (she is one

    of our best students)


  • Their previous education (degree and field):Bachelor in Chemistry
  • PhD Physics

    Chemical engineer, PhD

    specialty – economist / specialist degree

    Bachelor Computer Engineering

    Bachelor in sociology

    Computer Science Engineer

    Bachelor’s Double Degree in Advertising & Marketing Communications +

    International Studies

    Master in Ethnology

    Ausbildung PKA

    Bachelor Degree in Fine Art (Printmaking)

    Master in human resources management

    Master in Law

    Key Results So Far:

    In the Femme Forward Tech Career Path, our primary goal is to excel in the AWS

    re/Start program. This program is tailored for career changers and provides newcomers

    to the IT field with a gradual and comprehensive introduction to essential knowledge

    before venturing into specialized areas.

    We’ve made significant progress in the AWS re/Start program, successfully completing

    the following major segments:

    1. AWS Introduction
    2. Linux Basic Course
    3. Basic Networking
    4. The Basic Python Programming Course is nearing completion and will be finalized in

    just a few days.

    Course Feedback:

    The Femme Forward program has garnered immense interest within the broader

    developer community. We’ve been fortunate to welcome voluntary contributors who

    have shared their expertise on various extracurricular topics, including GIT and Scrum.

    Notable Updates:

    The Femme Forward Tech Careers program has brought together a remarkably diverse

    and highly motivated group of women. Many of them possess a solid educational

    background and valuable skills that they are contributing to the course. We have strong

    expectations that the majority of our 28 participants will successfully complete the

    course and achieve certification in the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam by the end of the






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