Public deliverables

D1.1 – Project Workplan (M3)

Here you can find the document “Project Workplan”. Given the nature and scope of the document, the attached document only provides an overview of the document framework, which is broken down, in the form of Excel sheets, into the different actions of the project.

Indeed, this living Workplan acts as a central hub for all project details, including deliverables, KPIs, partners, risks, and communication. It empowers smooth collaboration by guiding partners in planning and executing project activities linked to tasks and objectives and ensuring transparency by clearly assigning ownership to each task.

Download the deliverable here: D1.1_Project_Workplan.pdf

D1.2 – Quality Assurance Plan (M3)

Here you can find the “Quality Assurance Plan” document. The document presents the Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) established by the FEMME FORWARD project.

The goal is to guarantee the project’s success and maximize its impact on women’s employment in digital jobs and startups. This plan outlines a collaborative and proactive approach, involving both internal and external quality reviews throughout the project lifecycle.
The QAP serves as a guide for all FEMME FORWARD partners, outlining quality assurance procedures, roles, and performance indicators. It facilitates seamless collaboration, early risk identification, and proactive issue mitigation, ultimately ensuring the project delivers high-quality outputs and achieves its ambitious goals.

Download the deliverable here: D1.2_Quality Assurance Plan.pdf

D2.1 – 9 Piloting scenarios (M3)

Here you can find the document “Labour Market Analysis”. The document presents a review of the labour market needs, the indicators of women in tech participation and the main barriers to further involving women in tech careers.

Download the deliverable here: D2.1_9 piloting scenarios.pdf

D2.2 – Skills assessment tools (M3)

Here you can find the document “ Skills Assessment Tools”. In this document you can find the online assessment tool that supported, and supports, the consortium members in the selection of appropriate candidates for their respective education programmes.

It is possible to find how the tool is linked to the analysis of labour market needs for ICT specialists and women in tech participation, its specific goals and the structure of the assessment tool.

Download the deliverable here: D2.2_Skills assessment tools.pdf

D2.3 – Curricula plans & high-quality digital training materials (M5)

Here you can find the document “Cloud Practitioner – Training Program”. In the document the features are outlined for the two development paths of the FemmeForward project: The Future Start-up Founders programme and Future Tech Careers programme.

In more detail, the document covers aspects such as the training methods, the training tools and environment and the training objectives.

Download the deliverable here: D2.3_Curricula plans & high-quality digital training materials.pdf

D3.1 – Femme Forward Project learning gateway platform (M4)

Here you can find the document “Femme Forward Project learning gateway platform”. The document describes how the website gateway platform came into being, from studying the project target audience the platform is aimed at through personas, to defining an attractive graphic line, to drafting all sections of the project site.

In this document, you will find all this information and how the creation of these was made possible through collaborative work by the entire partnership.

Download the deliverable here: D3.1_Femme Forward learning gateway platform.pdf

D3.2 – Train-the-trainer support (M10)

Here you can find the document “Train-the-trainer support”. The main objective of the document is to define and outline the main ideas linked to the concept of training the trainers.

More specifically, training the trainer is an educational concept aimed at equipping trainers and instructors with the necessary skills, techniques, and knowledge to transfer knowledge and skills to others effectively. The main objective of ‚Train the Trainer‘ is to enhance the quality of training and educational programs by preparing trainers to teach professionally and efficiently in various learning environments.

Download the deliverable here: D3.2_Train the trainer support (TtT).pdf

D6.1 – Sustainable transition pathways to facilitate entry into tech employment or entrepreneurship (M9)

Here you can find the document “Sustainable Transition Pathways to facilitate entry into tech employment or entrepreneurial sector”. The document collects a series of good practices, organised based on the requirements of the most relevant stakeholders, aimed at maximising the process of integrating trained women into the world of work. The intent is to offer an operational checklist, a practical guide, and demonstrate best practices to support those transitioning from training to professional affirmation.

The Transition Pathway is divided into two sections, one for each training path. It will provide a guide that can focus on the specific challenges of each career. Each unit offers different strategies for the most relevant stakeholders to address the needs of both sectors.

Download the deliverable here: D6.1_Sustainable transition pathways to facilitate entry into tech employment or entrepreneurial sector.pdf

D7.1 Communications Strategy & Tools (M4)

Here you can find the document “Communications Strategy & Tools”. The document presents an overview of the project, its objectives, target and actions to, subsequently, link them to specific communication strategies and tools to reach these objectives.

Aspects such as brand identity, key messages and promotional strategy are explained to provide a detailed communication strategy.

Download the deliverable here: D7.1_Communications Strategy & Tools.pdf

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